Creativity, Experience and Handicraft Made in Italy

It all starts with an idea of Luca Mattoni.

It’s all about raw and particular material in order to create something never seen before Something revolutionary.

Know How and Craftsmanship Together with traditional tools to create A New Design Concept.

We are designers that prefer to call themselves ‘Aesthetic Workers’.


Experience and the foresight of Luca Mattoni developed the brand reaching new frontiers

A new concept out of the ordinary has found a market niche and found itself an unique place

A revolutionary idea that combines design with domotics

Indoor and Outdoor Kitchen

A new DNA into the kitchen concept: Design, Domotic , Flexibility.

Our concept evolved till reaching the Outdoor Scenario and developed into the Comotica Kitchens.
Finding itself as an unique alternative compared to the rest of the existing market


Every creation is unique in its imperfection and its beauty .

The details and craftsmanship of each piece pose this type of furniture in a unique and exclusive dimension, far from industrial approvals.
A line of products that successfully combines innovative creativity and tradition.

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