Advanced Materials

They are the result of the most advanced technologies, used by the leading and most innovative companies of this market. Having furniture and products made of advanced materials, is our chance to improve every living space with high qualities and new materials which own infinitely possibilities of application and usage. Solid surfaces well known by architects and designers represent better than others the present-day design.

Vitro wall

It is a wallpaper made by crystal tears or glass microspheres of different diameters. It is provided in form of 1mt x 3mt h rolls.


Vitro Wall paper can be used for walls, counters, columns, dividing panels cladding.

Sibu Design

Thanks to an innovative and versatile material such as polystyrene, Sibu Design changes the way of design decoring panels. A huge amount of different decors, colours and shapes open large creative spaces to designers and architects; easy-to-mount, the panels are ideal to any use. They are so flexible to be simply used on rounded or waved surfaces, and easily mounted and bonded on every surface.


Sensitile panels are imprints of natural phenomena etched into a crystalline resin substrate. Named after each inspiring phenomenon, this line is introduced with eight patterns - Turbulence, Flow, Static, Dew, Sleet, Chaos, Freeze and Field. These elegant, light-weight and versatile system of panels unleash a dynamic play of light in any space

Strained Metal Grids

Strained grid is produced by cold engraving and stamping of metals: carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel, inox steel, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium, other metal alloys and nonmetallic materials. The shape of knives that engrave the metal sheet defines the shape and the width of the mesh, that can be of different forms: rhomboidal, hexagonal, squared, rounded and those for decor and for architecture. It is available in form of rolls and sheets in different thickness and commercial sizes. It can be further cut on demand in the required sizes. Strained grid can be recycled and doesn't pollute the environment.


The use of the metal strained grid drives the choice of the right mesh. There are several usage: industry, metal carpentry, constructions. In architecture, strained metal sheets give a touch of originality and aesthetic functionalities for each ambience, either internal either external. So false ceilings, facades, stands, showcases, stage backgrounds, gazebo roofs, curtains, parapets and rails, dividing walls for hiding or protecting are the main usage for this kind of material. With several mesh shapes and colours, classic, bright or matt, these grids can be customized with digital impressed pictures; flat or round surfaces can be covered thanks to the tri-dimensional shape of meshes that create reflections, transparencies, small holes for light passthrough that form a background to matter and enhance the elegance of the frame.

Eco Resin Panels

Eco-compatible materials for industry and architecture. This innovative system uses eco-resins for encapsulating colours, organic materials, structures into resin translucent panels that can be transformed in walls, dividers, doors and other
architectonical solution.

3D Panels

3D relief panels can be realized with many different supporting materials: MDF, plywood, entirely colored hardwood. They can be unrefined or refined: painted, varnished, oiled, sandblasted and laminated (standard form or tailored)


3D panels can be used for wall covering, counters, columns, doors and dividing walls.

Ombrae System

Ombrae System is a computer-based image-processing system that allows for any digital image to be embedded directly into any material substrate. The image is not a transfer or material composite, like a hologram, but is made from physical threedimensional pixels or “optical tiles.” The optical-tile pixel creates the necessary amount of light and shadow on the surface of the material to render an image. The material conveys graphic content without lenses, laminate layers, printed dyes, or inks.

Of – Stone

It is a new material, stone-effect like, ideal for interiors, fairy stands, shops, walls, ceilings, furniture and naval furniture. It is made of a MDF 16 mm. panel coated with a 1.5 mm mineral surface made by high quality mineral granules moulded in acrylic resin. Available in several special NFS colours; the surface is polished with an acrylic finishing acid-resistant if needed. Because of no solvents usage during production process, Of-Stone is eco-compatible and self-extinguishing.


Wood discovers technology with Oberflex solutions that match stiffness and ductility of laminated wood with aesthetic values of the different wood types. It can be used with no difference with laminated wood usage.


Nikron is a composite material made by acrylic resin and mineral ore, that offers interesting characteristics such as strenght, design flexibility, high value aesthetic, easy to clean. Nikron is a massive material that is resistant to daily use, scratches, bumps; it is easy to repair, using a sponge with cleanser to remove small dirty spots, or with sending. Nikron is hygienic, antistatic, non-porous, homogeneous and available in a large range of colours and in two thickness: 3.0 and 10.0 mm.


Nikron is suitable for each kind of vertical or horizontal application, from basins and bath tubes to tops, edges, seatbacks, kitchen basins, and also for coffee shops, hotels, shops and boats furnishing.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is a stone veneer obtained from stone layers of 0.8 to 2.0 mm thickness. This cuts are reinforced and assembled with fibreglass and polyester resin. The raw surface and the colour variation of each layer make each Natural Stone sheet as a unique piece.


For its flexibility, easy to install and for its beauty, Natural Stone is used for wall, counters, doors cladding and for general internal spaces furnishing.


Mosstile is an innovative material made by stabilized moss, that forms a vertical garden with no maintenance needs. It can be installed in rooms with no natural light and it can be matched with natural stones. Mosstile is provided on ecological ready to install resin substrates and is available in a wide range of colours.


Mosstile can be used for cladding of walls and dividing panels.


Marotte 3D panels are MDF carved panels which present a decor effect given by the panel surface machining - engraving or carving. Marotte panels can be raw, varnished or veenered with different wood types, creating light, colour and shadow effects.


Marotte panels can be used for wall, furniture, doors cladding and for interior furnishing of shops, cafés, restaurants, hotels, boats.


Luminoso is an innovative material offering extraordinary design possibilities; it is available in form of wood panels that transmit light from outside to inside. The transparent wood effect is achieved with fibre optics which run through solid wood lamellas allowing direct sunlight or artificial light to be transmitted. Graphics can applied to the back to create unique and customized effects.


Luminoso transforms walls, floors, ceilings in screening surfaces for any kind of show, either static either animations. Different types of LED based light systems are available. It can be used either for interior either for exterior furnishing.

Translucent concrete panels

translucent concrete is manufactured in large volume top layer concrete blocks with embedded webbed fibre optic cables, making the stone appear comparably massive as well as transparent, with an unique light pattern created by chance. By cutting the blocks elements of variable size and thickness are obtained. Upon request LUCCON is available in special colours, dimensions or surface treatments.


Translucent concrete layers can be used in panels for internal or external walls for furnishing of restaurants, hotels, coffee shops; it can be used also for cladding of counters, tables, desks, furniture, bath furniture.

Laser Wall

Laser Wall is an innovative concept in which panels are used to furnish in an original way every internal space. The Laser Wall panels can be realized with every kind of design, for dividing or just for furnish with a touch of modern design.

Laminated panels/Fabrics

Laminated panels are joined to recycled fabrics - usually linen.


It can be used for cladding every interior furniture such as doors, cabinet doors, bed headboards, mirror frames, chairs, benches, tabletops. The beauty of these laminated panels derives from the small differences between each element that make each object unique and special.


Lamellux is characterized by the combination of wood with the resin transparency. The most valued woods are mixed or alternated in different thickness, colours and decors to a natural material such as the resin that gives to the wooden panel an unexpected transparency.


Lamellux can be used for decoration of doors, ceilings panes, wall panels, facades, furniture, desks and tables.


Hanex is an innovative material composed by a third part of methylmethacrylate and two thirds of ore mineral. It is homogeneous on its whole thickness, resistent, hygienic and nonporous, fixable and easy to weld with seamless junctions, thermoformable and easy to clean.


Hanex can be used in every interior furnishing, kitchen, bathrooms, and also coffee shops, shops, hotels, boats. Because of its hygienic characteristics, it can successfully used in hospitals and generally in the healthcare sector.


It is a light stone, flexible and transparent, only 2 mm thick, with different colours characterized by unique nuances created by sedimentary stratification of millions of years. Easy and quick to use, Dilayer is used for external and internal cladding; it is available in ready-to-use boxes and can be applied in the same way of classic wallpaper.


Corian is an innovative material consisting of aluminium trihydrate and acrylic resin. It is available in many colours.
This thermoformable and renewable material can be welded with seamless joint and can be carved, milled and machined like wood. It can be easily integrated with other materials such as steel, wood, granite, glass and tiles.


Corian can be used for every kind of interior furniture, from tabletops to bookshelves, from shelves to kitchens, for bath cladding and also for bath, shops, offices, restaurants and hospital furniture.


Bencore panels are made by thermoplastic honeycomb, light and transparent. They can be glossy or matt finished, with a wide range of colours. It is easy to cut and can be trimmed or finished with many accessories such as handles, hinges, frames and profiles.


These materials are especially used in interior design such as doors, sliding doors, dividing walls, backlit rised floors.


Avonite is an innovative and eco-sustainable material. In fact, Avonite has decided to comply to the principles of sustainable design with its Recycled collection, available in eight colours reproducing the natural stone colours. These new colours are translucent. Avonite has also a range of plates made by a minimum o f 40% of recycled acrylic resin, recovered from the scraps of the same company.


Avonite can be used for interior design such as bath coverings, basins, kitchen tops, worktops, tables.


Alrox is an innovative material suitable for modern design. Decoring Alrox panels are in Inox Steel and aluminium. The peculiar machining of these panels allows tri-dimensional optical effects and the possibility to customize each panel in a totally free way.


Alcox decor panels can be used for every interior design, cladding, dividing walls.

A Look

As a composite mirror panel, A Look is made by a black polyethylene core enclosed between two galvanically chromed aluminium sheets. It is an innovative, unbreakable, light and easy to apply material.


It can be used for interior everywhere a perfect mirroring surface is required.

They are the result of the most advanced technologies, used by the leading and most innovative companies of this market. Having furniture and products made of advanced materials, is our chance to improve every living space with high qualities and new materials which own infinitely possibilities of application and usage. Solid surfaces well known by architects and designers represent better than others the present-day design.