A revolutionary idea that combines Design with Domotic “COMOTICA”

A new concept, out of the ordinary, has found a market niche crowning a unique space.

The COMOTICA collection is born from the idea and the will of Luca Mattoni to create something innovative that keeps the idea of craftsmanship that characterizes everything we do but is projected to the future. The COMOTICA line abandons the industrial lines of the Classic Collection and embraces modern shapes and materials to create a perfect blend between DESIGN and DOMOTICS. The purpose is to create something that perfectly integrates style to home automation in an easy and smart way. Furniture therefore becomes a thing to live every day and at all times: concealed appliances, mechanisms to hide or use devices and high multimedia connectivity. The true core of the collection is its double soul: all the furniture is both for internal and external enriching the OUTDOOR with Design and Style.

COMOTICA: something that wasn’t there before.

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