He defines himself as a Craftsman, as the famous designers prefer to call themselves “Aesthetic Workers”

Something that was not there before.

hat follows is one of the most recognized and accepted definitions of the concept of creativity:

“Creativity is to combine existing elements with new connections that are useful”
(Henri Poicarè, French mathematician, and physicist).

The creations of Luca Mattoni should be read keeping in mind, this formula, because only in this way, can they be appreciated in their entirety. But let’s start from the beginning.

The Mattoni laboratory is a place of enchantment, located in a segment of the city which goes from an ancient mediaeval village at the gates of Rome, to an Industrial workshop centre. A workshop which transforms industrial vehicles of various types for aesthetic and functional reasons. The same vehicles that we see every day on our roads.

In this laboratory, for 50 years, they work with resin, iron, copper and brass.
Raw materials, hard, resistant and fascinating.

It is in this context that the ideas of Luca took form.

He began here of an idea to create home furnishing, using those materials which were familiar to him, to create tables, bookcases and cabinets.
With the help of his skilled workers and traditional machinery, he began to transform raw sheets of material into a high-tech collection of furniture.

It’s a new high-tech, where the seaming and the closures of the cupboards speak in depth, like a radiography of their origins and history. Tables and cabinets are first, material, and then form.

He defines himself as a Craftsman, as the famous designers prefer to call themselves “Aesthetic Workers”.

But over and above the self definition he furnishes, is his singular ability to transform the types of furnishing into new furnishing ideas, like a revelation.
And not because we have never seen a kitchen or an office, but because we have never seen a kitchen or office like this.

So present, with such a leading role.


Each creation is unique in its imperfection, and in its beauty. The details and the hand-finishing of each piece place this type of furnishing at a sidereal distance from the officially recognized facilities to which we are accustomed. Industrial sculptures. A successful synthesis between tradition and powerful creativity.