Technology and tradition meet. Hi-tech and craftsmanship open to experimentation and contamination to create completely new finishings.

These are the new proposals of the Mattoni laboratory to customize all the creations from furniture to accessories.

Brass, bronze, copper and zinc are applied on wood and iron with innovative and totally new techniques, which take inspiration from sanding techniques and foresees the use of a special pistol, which allows molten metal to anchor deeply on the surface of an object, both wood and iron.
The result is a perfect adhesion to the support and to the final effects, which is truly amazing. The wood acquires the iridescent shades and tonalities of the metals, maintaining visible, veins, knots and distinctive signs. The iron acquires new glows and essences, opening itself to new applications. In a second step, the finishing is then brushed or aged, according to the effect to be achieved, and protected with a final transparent varnish. The possible combinations are truly many and personalizable according to the aesthetic demands.

Once again, the Mattoni Laboratory becomes a place of experimentation, where new insights are interpreted with the creativity of those who are not merely satisfied with results, but who propose an art in constant evolution.