Kitchen Scintilla

A spark of innovation. A whimsical Kitchen with extraordinary materials. The side coating stands out since it is made out of a unique material. This cladding is made out of a stone-like substance with embedded fiber optics and Led backlights. During day-time it has a sober look, at night-time it has an astounding effect. Thanks to Led backlights the fiber optics get illuminated giving a classy touch to the Kitchen with elegant and sinuous shapes and curves.

Technical description


Structure and Work Top in stainless steel.
Hard Top in stainless steel with electrical frontal movement.
Side coating in stone like substance with embedded fiber optics and Led backlights.
Work Top with sink and rectractable tap; 1 Gaggenau Teppan Yaki and Grill.
Lower part with 2 fridges in stainless steel and panels with curved glass plus a storage compartment in stainless steel.
Led lights around the kitchen base with little wheels for minor movements.


Measures: 196cm*110cm*H106cm.
Customizable in measures, materials and finishes.