Kitchen Space Oddity

The most innovative kitchen of our New Collection! It is ideal for an Open Space and it has an electrical mechanism that closes the kitchen completely like a cocoon or opens it up at 180 degrees displaying its beautiful interior. The outside cladding is in carbon look; the inside hosts top of the line appliances. Led lights at the bottom of the structure reflect a futuristic appereance.

Technical description


Structure in poplar multilayer.
Outside cladding in carbon look.
Work Top in brushed stainless steel with sink and tap: 1 wine cooler (brand Fhiaba); 1 Neff microwave; 1 Neff Induction plate; 1 smoke extractor.
Storage compartments, drawers and shelves. Led lights at the bottom of the kitchen.


Measures: 164cm*164cm*H220cm.
Customizable in measures, materials and finishes.