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Metal Spraying

Is a technique patented by us, that refers to sandblasting and electroplating and involves the use of a special gun . This technique allows the molten metal to anchor deeply on the surface of the object: wood or iron .

The result is a perfect adhesion to the substrate and the final effects truly amazing. The wood acquires shades of iridescent metal , keeping visible the grain , knots and brands . The iron glows, and acquires new shades , opening up to new applications. In a second step, the finish is then brushed or antiqued depending on the effect you want to achieve and protected with a clear topcoat . The possible combinations are very numerous and customized according to the aesthetic demands .

Once again, the Laboratory Mattoni becomes a place of experimentation: where new insights are interpreted by the inspiration of those not satisfied of the results but offers an art in constant evolution.

Oxidation process

AOPs rely on in-situ production of highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (·OH). These reactive species are the strongest oxidants that can be applied in water and can virtually oxidize any compound present in the water matrix, often at a diffusion controlled reaction speed.

Consequently, ·OH reacts unselectively once formed and contaminants will be quickly and efficiently fragmented and converted into small inorganic molecules. Hydroxyl radicals are produced with the help of one or more primary oxidants (e.g. ozone, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen) and/or energy sources (e.g. ultraviolet light) or catalysts (e.g. titanium dioxide).

Precise, pre-programmed dosages, sequences and combinations of these reagents are applied in order to obtain a maximum •OH yield. In general, when applied in properly tuned conditions, AOPs can reduce the concentration of contaminants from several-hundreds ppm to less than 5 ppb and therefore significantly bring COD and TOC down, which earned it the credit of “water treatment processes of the 21st century”

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